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Product Overview
  • Linear Servo Motor Accuracy - .14 nm
  • Standard Encoder Resolution - 50 nm
  • Resolutions as low as 1.2 nm
  • Capacities up to 1,100 lbs
  • straight line travel of .0004 in/in
  • Speeds up to 6.5 m/s.
  • Precision Ground 7075-T6 Aluminum Mounting Surfaces
  • Driver and Controls available
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Onf of the smallest linear motor driven stage available on the market today.

The X-TREME™ nano translation stage from SMI is a linear servo motor driven cross roller linear stage in a sub-compact envelope. The X-TREME™ is driven by a linear servo motor delivering extreme accuracy (.14 nm), minimal speed fluctuation (+/- .006% @ 100nm/s), and incredible speeds (6.5 m/s). The SMI Driver, controller and software option (designed to work exclusively with the X-TREME™ servo motor) offers optimized motor function and automatic motor tuning that is required when changing applied loads.

The X-TREME™ is easily mounted/indexed using base dowel holes and can be mounted in single axis or X-Y configurations with no loss of capacity or speed. This extremely quiet linear stage can be used in laboratory, clean room, ESD or even vacuum applications with minimal effort. The X-TREME™ is easy to use, easy to adapt to your application and offers easy maintenance with light lubrication needed for the only wear element, the Cross Rollers.

Technical Information

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Technical Drawing
Solid Model
X-Treme Technical Drawing X-Treme Linear Actuator Solid Model


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